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Fair Trade Live calling

Das Altstadtfest wurde vom 17. bis 19. Juli als Teil eines weltweiten Fairtrademusikfestivals gefeiert.Dreißig Jahre nach Live Aid fand am 18.Juli ein 24 Stunden Musikfestival in einigen ersten Fairtrade Städten statt. Mit dabei waren Saarbrücken, Städte in Großbritannien, Frankreich, Japan, Cameroon, Brasilien usw.

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OB Britz und Fairer Handel

OB Britz und Fairer Handel

Fair Trade Live calling out across the world

Mayors in most places signed up to the Resolution launched at the 9th International Fair Trade Towns Conference in Bristol and messages were sent to world leaders including President Obama in the US and UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. Festivals took place in Kumamoto, Japan, the first Fair Trade Town in Asia; Saarbrucken, the first Fair Trade Town in Germany; Pays de la Loire, one of the first Fair Trade Towns in France; Lancaster, UK, near to Garstang, the world’s first Fair Trade Town; Media PA, USA, the first Fair Trade Town in the American continents; Ebolowa, working towards becoming the first Fair Trade Town in Cameroon and Poços de Caldas, Brazil, the first officially recognised Fair Trade Town in South America. 

  •  Under the motto "Let's have FAIR for FUN" Saarbrücken celebrated FAIR TRADE LIVE (Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th July) with sunshine, multicultural artists on the stage, committed activists on stalls and fair food & cocktails: all you need to seduce the visitors which we didn't have to attract especially, as our event was embedded in the biggest city fest ! “We are so happy to have been with all of you around the world calling out for more justice!”
  • The mayor of Saarbrucken, Charlotte Britz signed the Bristol Declaration. She made a speech and sent a message together with two ‘fairy ladies’ (Carolina from Brazil and Bejard from Cameroon).
  • The Chancellor was not contacted.
  • The event was well attended and they had the support from the local administration, including the Mayor. The Fair Trade message was spread among the participants.
  • The event was also attended by representatives from the fair neighbouring cities Luxembourg, Trier and Metz, so the Quattrofair initiative was fully represented at the festival.